Rowing Categories



Commercial Rowing Club prides itself on achieving rowing excellence by developing rowing champions at junior, novice, club, intermediate, senior and veteran levels to compete national and international competition.


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We aim to boat competitive rowers in the recognized IARU (Irish Amateur Rowing Union, aka RowingIreland) categories described below. Squads are formed each season depending upon the numbers of members wanting to compete in these categories.



JUNIOR – a competitor is Junior up until 31 December of the year in which the athlete reaches the age of 18.

NOVICE – The Novice grade is for those competitors in their first year registered for the sport.

CLUB 1 / CLUB 2  – No longer Novice, rower’s score determined by points accumulated by competitive wins.

INTERMEDIATE – an Intermediate competitor is one who has not won more than five intermediate races irrespective of class of boat.

SENIOR – this category is for competitors who are no longer intermediate and have not won any state or national titles within the previous two seasons.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Elite Lightweight is restricted to male competitors weighing 72.5 kilograms or less and female competitors weighing 59 kilograms or less in the case of single sculling races. However, in crew boats the average of all members of the crew in which the competitor races cannot exceed 70 kilograms for male competitors and 57 kilograms for female competitors.

VETERAN– (aka masters category) a competitor who reaches the age of 27 years by 31 December of the current year may compete as a Veteran. There are different subcategories of veteran depending on your state of decay/age.

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SOCIAL ROWING Commercial rowing club have both men and womens’ crews which row at least twice a week. The social rowing sessions are for open people who are unable to commit to rowing more than once a week and who have completed to at least intermediate level previously in their rowing careers.