Health and Safety Policy

Commercial Rowing Club, Health and Safety Policy

(November 2013)


Part 1 : Safety policy dealing with crews rowing at Islandbridge and on lower Liffey.

  1. No inexperienced rowers/sculler may take to water without the supervision of a competent  club approved coach.
  2. All rowers do so at their own risk.
  3. All scullers and crews should have a coach with them.
  4. All coxes must wear a properly fitting life jacket during the outing.
  5. If any part of the outing is during darkness then the crew must attach a suitable light to the bow of the boat prior to going on the water to make them easily visible to oncoming crews ( a light on the stern is recommended as well).
  6. Crews and coxes must make themselves aware of the rules of the river and be bound by them at all times ( a copy of these rules is on the club notice board in the gym )
  7. Crews going over the weir to row on lower Liffey must understand the tides and how they will affect their return and egress from the river at the end of the outing
  8. Crews using the lower Liffey must be accompanied by a safety launch at all times.
  9. All rowers must, as a condition of membership, be able to swim 50m unaided and make themselves familiar with the capsize drill.
  10. In the event of suspected cardiac arrest, please consult a coach to execute our Automated External Defibrillator (stored just inside the gym door that opens to the slip).



Equipment: All equipment must be checked by the crew using the boat before and after use and essential items such as bow balls, hatch covers and heel restraints must conform with the recommendations of Rowing Ireland.

Breakages: Any breakages during the outing should be reported to the coach or a committee member and the boat should not be used again until it has been satisfactorily repaired.

Insurance: All rowers, and those using the gym must be paid up member of Commercial Rowing Club before using any club equipment.  All rowers wishing to use club equipment for rowing purposes must register with Rowing Ireland no later than October 10th each year.


Part 2 : The Clubhouse is to be treated with respect by all members/coaches and guests:


1.   Commercial Rowing Club, it’s committee and it’s trustees accept no responsibility for any accidents or personal injuries which may occur to a member whilst using club equipment in the gym, on the water or in transportation for training purposes or during competition.  Report incidents and accidents using this form.

2.   Non members are required to sign a waiver and agree to abide by the health and safety

policy prevailing at the club and agree to become a temporary member for the period of     their visit.

3.   All users of the Clubhouse and surroundings should be mindful of the hazards

that surround them, through no fault of the club or its users from time to time the grounds and internal floors throughout can become wet and slippery. It is necessary for every individual to pay particular care and attention to their own safety. This is particularly important in the winter months when icy conditions are likely to be a regular occurrence.

4.  The changing/ shower-rooms should be treated with respect by all users, due to the

activity of the club there is likely to be some natural ingress of water into the changing rooms. All users should be mindful that with the combined use of showers and the natural ingress of water the tiled floors may become slippery, it falls on all members/coaches/ guests to make an effort to reduce or remove this risk when it arises in a sensible fashion.

5.   Arrangements have been made in the men’s changing/ shower-rooms to allow for a

drying area, it is the clubs expressed preference that all shower users make use of the drying areas and slip mats to reduce the risk associated with wet floors.

6.   Due care should be taken by all members/coaches and guests to ensure the safety of all

personal belongings and valuables, the club accepts no responsibility for any items lost or

stolen on the premises/car-park or slip.

7.   It is at the members/coaches risk that they remove boats and equipment from high or

low storage racks within the boathouse, paying particular attention to correct manual

handling guidelines taking care not to injure themselves.



Part 3 : Safety policy dealing with Rowing on Blessington Lakes


It is the responsibility of all club members to adhere to the following before rowing on the lake with Commercial Rowing Club:

1.   Check equipment is safe and in working order.

2.   Ensure a safety launch is available for the training session.

3.   Ensure weather and water conditions are safe for rowing.

4.   All coxes must wear a properly fitted lifejacket during the outing.

5.   All users of the club house in Blessington should be mindful of the hazardous conditions

that surround them.  It is necessary for every individual to pay particular attention to their own safety.

6.   It is at the members/coaches risk that they remove boats and launch paying particular

attention to correct manual handling guidelines, taking care not to injure themselves.

7.   Due care should be taken by all members/coaches  and guests to ensure safety of all

personal belongings and valuables, the club accepts no responsibilities for any items lost

or stolen on the premises/car park or slip.


Part 4 : Safety policy dealing Safety Launch :

1. The safety launch and engine must be in good working order.

2. The safety launch must have safety bag on board.

3.  Any persons operating/using the launch must wear a correctly fitted lifejacket and be

familiar with the workings of the engine.

4. All crews must keep close to safety  launch and obey directions of coach when on the





Part 5: Junior Members

It is the policy of Commercial Rowing Club that no juniors members (rowers under 18 years of age ) are to be on the club premises for any reason , training or otherwise unless requested to do so by a coach and are supervised by that coach for the time that they are there. They must not remain on the premises after the training session is over for longer than is necessary.


If for some reason the coach cannot attend, the session then cannot go ahead unless arrangements are made for another club coach to supervise the rowers.


A coach is an adult known to the committee, approved for such by the committee and Garda vetted by Rowing Ireland. The list of such approved coaches is available from the secretary.


Parents, older siblings, adult rowers or adult volunteers are not approved coaches and therefore cannot act in the capacity of a coach .