Rowing Categories

Commercial Rowing Club prides itself on achieving rowing excellence by developing rowing champions at junior, novice, club, intermediate, senior and veteran levels to compete in national and international competition.


SOCIAL ROWING Commercial rowing club have both men and womens’ crews which row at least twice a week. The social rowing sessions are for open people who are unable to commit to rowing more than once a week.

JUNIOR – A Junior is a competitor who is under the age of nineteen years on the 31st of August of the year
of competition.

NOVICE – The Novice grade is for those competitors in their first year registered for the sport.

CLUB 1 / CLUB 2  – No longer Novice, rower’s score determined by points accumulated from competition wins.

INTERMEDIATE – The next grade up from Club 2, also determined by number of race wins.

SENIOR – The highest category it is possible to race as an adult in Ireland.

VETERAN – A competitor who reaches the age of 27 years by 31 December of the current year may compete as a Veteran. There are different subcategories of veteran depending on your state of decay/age.