Boat Terms


Bolts/Nuts/washers: Fitting on the boat are attached using 10&13 mm nuts and bolts.   When attending regattas or heads, you should bring your own 10-13 ‘rigger jigger’ spanner.  Do not loan your rigger-jigger to anyone – you will never get it back!

Bow: Forward end of boat.

Bow Ball: Safety ball fitted to sharp stem of racing boat.  You cannot launch a boat without one of these (its a safety thing!).

Bow side:  (Starboard) All the rowers whose oars are in the water in the right hand side of the boat when viewed from the stern.

Backstops: The end of the slide(s) nearest the bow

Canvas/Deck: The canvas on bow and stern decks of a boat; in race verdicts, the distance between the bow ball and the bow man’s seat

Fin: Small flat plate perpendicular to the bottom of the boat to aid steering of a boat.

Fixed Shoes: Shoes are attached at the ball of the foot to the foot stretcher in the boat. Allowing for flexibility when moving up & down seat.

Fixed Seat: A seat that is unable to slide along the rails on the deck of the boat. Can have a back support for some rowers.

Foot Stretcher: The unit that holds the shoes or clogs into which the rower puts their feet.

Front Stops:  The end of the slide(s) nearest the stern

Gunwalls: Side of boat above the water line

Hull: The underside of the boat that travels through the water.

Lane Number holder: A slotted bracket to hold race lane numbers in.

Rolling Seat:  A seat that has rollers attached and enables the rower to compress their leg to get a longer stronger stroke

Rigger: A framework to support the rowlock which is placed approximately 78-88cm from the  centre of the boat.

Rudde/Tiller: Steering device attached to the stern or under the hull of a shell


Slides:  A pair of slides that guide and restrict the movement of the seat

Stroke side: All the rowers whose oars are in the water in the left hand side of the boat when viewed from the stern.

The V: This is where the canvas meets the gunwalls and it is shaped like a V to breaker any water that may come onto the canvas and stop it coming into the boat.

Hatch/Bung: The rowing boats are sealed to keep water out. There are hatches which give access to the inside of the boat for repair and for ventilation.